KOAT B.V. is a fully-fledged mechatronic machine and systems supplier for all kinds of industries and is the market leader for internal transport and product processing systems in the international greenhouse horticulture market.

Machine and systems supplier for horticulture and industry
In addition to systems for internal transport and product processing in greenhouse horticulture developed under our own management, KOAT supplies all kinds of machines and systems to various industries worldwide. These range from simple machines and construction work to complex, specialised systems and specialist mechanical engineering, based on the specific requirements of our customers, supported by KOAT's own R&D department. Examples of these are pick & place machines and conveyors for such products as doors and frames in the wood processing industry, or vacuum expander systems and winders for shrink sleeves for the plastics processing industry.
Click here for further information about our systems for greenhouse horticulture or click here if you would like to know more about our machines and systems for industrial applications.

Projects: professionalism from advice to production
At the start of every project, we first assume the role of advisers to try and accurately specify the actual requirements together with our customer. On the basis of this we draw up a transparent proposal for an optimum solution, indicating how we can achieve this using our machines and systems. The preparation and production of the actual project can safely be entrusted to our highly skilled professionals, backed by state-of-the-art PLC software, 3D-CAD design systems, software to help us design wiring diagrams and our modern machinery.

Machines and systems with added value
KOAT designs and builds machines and systems which, where applicable, deliver added value by their:
high reliability,
suitability for keeping up with and processing high production speeds and quantities,
excellent processing accuracy,
high degree of computerization,
easy, user-friendly operation.
In order to ensure that our customers will continue to reap the full benefits of our solutions, KOAT can also provide worldwide service support. Would you like to know more? Then click here.

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